Who We Serve

Legal Solutions

SNVA Ventures’ legal services include Legal Research Services, Legal Drafting Services, Legal Transcription & Typing Services, Electronic Document Management Services, and Contract Abstraction Services. Businesses across various verticals of industries such as Consultancies, Insurance, Technology, Publishing, and Real Estate draw upon SNVA Ventures’ LPO services and experience.

Through their Legal Research Services, they deliver customized results to their clients. Through Legal Drafting Services, they create court-specific documents from scratch to copywriting to editing to proof-reading documents. Through Legal Transcription & Typing Services, they provide high quality data transcription in the desired format with the help of industry experts. SNVA Ventures is known to be an expert at delivering sterling transcription and legal typing services to businesses and legal firms across the globe. Their Electronic Document Management Services, help businesses with their document storage, retrieval, and retention requirements. Their EDM system provides legal coding/litigation coding, keyword coding, database management, legal document review, and E-discovery drafting. Through Contract Abstraction Services, they help businesses to extract pertinent information from intricate clauses of contracts in an economic way, with their resources, well-trained professionals, and access to latest technologies.