As we all know ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. It encompasses a wide variety of data, tools, and systems for both online sellers and buyers. Most of the businesses are now selling their products and services online, to increase sales they have to conduct marketing campaigns online. It is estimated that global retail ecommerce sales will surpass $5 Trillion for the very first time, and total spending will exceed $7 Trillion by 2025.

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There are many industries that stand to gain the most from chatbots. It is because Chatbots can take care of multiple services like complaints and feedback, handling payment procedures, customer care, searching, booking etc. Thus, all these tasks can be handled by chatbots in the following industries :


AI-based Chatbots are reliable and they have the capability to perform banking operations. Some of them include ATM assistant (location), handling grievances, retrieve account related information etc.

E Commerce:

Personalized product search, order tracking, and payment procedures are handled by Chatbots.

Health care:

Response time makes the difference between life and death. We use chatbots for healthcare related applications like the emergency online manager (virtual), health assistance, hospital navigator etc.

Travel and Hospitality:

Travellers need information and they want it all in one go. Therefore, Chatbots serve as the perfect channel to communicate with travelers by giving them information related to travel like managing travel plans, recommending local attractions, and travel reminders.