Enterprise chat support lets businesses answer their prospective and existing customer complaints and queries instantly. People raise such questions while browsing, facilitating their experience for hassle-free navigation and grabbing them from dropping out. Customers often initiate a chat after making a purchase to share their concerns over the quality or other issues. SNVA Ventures’ enterprise chat assistance lets you make a difference by exceptional customer service experience and makes you stand out of your competitors.
Email is nowadays considered to be an important means of business communication, it is comparatively fast, accessible, economic and easily replicated. Being an efficient and effective mode of transmitting all kinds of electronic data, it greatly benefits any organisation. Because of this feature businesses can keep a record of all the conversations, messages, replies and store it for lifetime. It lets them quickly send electronic files such as word documents, spreadsheet, pdf, photos, data to several contacts in just one click by attaching the file to an email.

Salient features of SNVA’s chat support services are :

Salient features of SNVA’s email support services are :