Why Staffing Agencies are a Blessing for Businesses 

Employees can make or break any business. Sourcing and hiring the candidates is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses since time immemorial. People scouting, different rounds of interviews, training and onboarding of new employees is not a cake walk; the entire process of talent onboarding takes a great deal of time, effort and resources. 

Nowadays, the fluctuating market conditions and social distancing norms leave employers wondering whether to hire additional resources. The struggle is real for employers when it comes to finding the right candidates for the business. Factors like accommodation of employees, skill sets and budget also play a major role in hiring. Businesses whose hiring process is expensive often prefer to take help of staffing services. The reasons behind this are : first is that it's quite hectic for them to manage existing resources within the industries where there’s a high volume of projects, second is the need for ever-evolving skill sets, and third is the access to limited talent pools. 

Whether the position to be filled is permanent, temporary or even contract-based, staffing services can easily map it to the skills, abilities and expertise. Apart from finding and hiring the right candidate, they can offer a plethora of other advantages for any company. The time-consuming education/resource verification, background checks, and even industry-ready training is taken care of by the staffing service providers. This may not always be an easy task for the in-house recruitment team. Here are five advantages of getting associated with a staffing agency. 

  1. Faster Hiring 

When open positions in a company stay vacant for more than a few weeks owing to the lack of the right talent, it drastically impacts the bottom line of businesses. A lack of resources not only leads to a lost opportunity, but also affects the existing workforce’ morale and efficiency. With the steadily improving job market in recent times, businesses wait for a longer period of time for the right candidate. The staffing agencies are quite familiar with the nitty-gritty of the recruiting industry, they can help in filling positions at a much quicker rate. Hence, the time for closing the role gets reduced. 

  1. Access to large talent pools 

Staffing service providers have all the required resources to find the most suitable candidates for any business and the best part is that they are always ready with a pool of talent options along with diverse skill sets. The expanded network of staffing agencies gives speedy access to a database of qualified/skilled professionals in the specific domain that a business is looking at. Staffing service providers help locate the right people whose career goals are inline with the businesses that are hiring talents. 

  1. Cost-effective Recruitment 

Whatever be the nature of the business, saving costs is something that will always be on the mind of the owners. Apart from being time-consuming, the hiring process can also be an expensive affair almost till the candidate starts performing in an advantageous way. Outsourcing staffing services won’t come free, however the cost paid is significantly lesser. The reason being that the staffing agencies have professionals that are specialized in handling all tasks related to sourcing. As they can work from anywhere therefore low costing is involved. 

  1. Improved Candidate Quality 

One of the most crucial reasons to outsource staffing functions is to gain access to a more expansive talent pool. Staffing agencies have the special knack to go beyond polished resumes, as they can leverage a rich database of candidates through their Application Tracking System (ATS). They even have pre-screened references that can help businesses in reducing hiring time and locate top performers that align with the skills required for a particular position. 

  1. Reduced Employer Liability 

In a country like India where the labor laws are strict, statutory compliance is another key factor to keep in mind in order to avoid serious repercussions. Both full-time or part-time employees come armed with a set of liabilities for every business. Getting associated with a staffing agency can reduce the usual liabilities connected with new hirings. It’s crucial to protect businesses’ financial interest when situations like unemployment claim arise and employee payouts arise in case of contract or permanent staff.