Kolkata is not only rich in its culture, events, and festivals but also in the variety and flavour of street food. If you've looked into Kolkata's cuisine, you know how diverse and broad it is. Kolkata is a blend of many food traditions from around the world, each food item has its own history. The city is currently among the greatest food destinations around the globe. You heard us right, Kolkata is one of the places every foodie must visit in 2023. We would advise you to travel to Kolkata so you may take advantage of the delicacies it has to offer.

Now that you know it is one of the world's must-try cuisine locations. Here is a summary of some of Kolkata's most well-liked delicacies to assist you in that. Be assured that you will go beyond Macher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, and Mishti Doi with this list.

  1. Puchka

Food tours seem incomplete without having few street food items and what better to begin with than Puchka? The aloo filling here is hotter and mixed with different Masalas, Sprouts, and Imli puri. Unlike the other varieties, a traditional Pucka has hot and sour flavors. Vivekananda Park is the location in Kolkata where every single Puchkawala creates a Puchka that is to die for. The Papri Chaat, Dum Aloo Puchkas, and Dahi Puchka are among other street foods from Kolkata.

2. Kathi Rolls:

Did you know that Kolkata is where the now-famous "Kathi Rolls" was first created? The delicious stuffing wrapped in thin roti that is now common in every city is the creation of this store by the name of Zaika. The original and genuine Kathi Rolls can still be found at Zaika, despite changes and modifications as they spread across cities. Must visit Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll on Park Street.

3. Tele Bhaja

A delicious evening snack is a must and what better companion for your evening tea than Teli Bhaja. Tele Bhaja is a Bengali-style fritter (Pakoda) made with Onion, Potato, fish, chicken, mutton, and many more. A 50- year old man sells the best tele bhaja on college street. You can also visit Gariahat and Fairlie Place to enjoy some delicious Tele Bhaja.

4. Desi Chinese

Kolkata has a population of almost 20,000 Chinese, which has drastically decreased, but the city has not lost its Chinese food culture yet. People travel from all over to experience authentic Chinese cuisine, especially during the Chinese New Year when the area is decorated with tiny dragons on the shops and houses and Chinese hangings throughout. There is an Indian version of Chinese, the most popular Chinese preparation is a breakfast of rice dumplings and soup. However, for this one, you'll have to wake up early. Eating hours start from 4 am and last till 7 am.

5. Kulfi

Kulfis are not only loved by children but by adults too. Do you really believe that Kulfis had a standard shape, flavour, and size? If yes then, you must pay a visit to the most hyped Kulfiwala on Camac Road. The person who runs the shop keeps a box of dry ice close to his basket of tasty things to put his delicious kulfis in. The majority of the crowd is from colleges. Along with the Kulfiwala, you’ll get a variety of street food nearby.  Our three favourites are the mango, sitaphal, and chikoo kulfi.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Retail Banking

Advantages and Disadvantages of Retail Banking


Retail banking is a significant branch of the banking sector that focuses more on serving individual customers rather than business clients. In this division of banking, the banks approach customers in order to sell them their products which are consumer-focused, including car loans, home loans, financial aid for buying consumer durables, etc. This post details the numerous advantages of retail banking, its benefits, and the few disadvantages of retail banking.


Defining Retail Banking and the benefits of Retail banking through its operations

Retail banking, in a nutshell, is when commercial banks work with specific clients, regardless of which side of the balance sheet they are on. In terms of obligations, this entails fixed, current, and savings accounts as well as mortgages and loans as assets. A bank has several rural, semi-urban, and metropolitan branches that offer retail banking services.


The facility is specifically made to meet the needs of retail clients, who are simply members of the general public for everyday purchases. Therefore, we may argue that the main face of banking that the general public interacts with is retail banking. It is a method of handling money that allows users to both deposit money securely and access credit. This is one of the major benefits of retail banking. 

It is the area of the bank that is open to the public. Physical brick-and-mortar branches and widely dispersed ATMs are used to deliver goods and services. Another significant benefit of retail banking is its presence across locations. The retail banking distribution strategy is not limited to conventional branches and ATMs but also includes the internet and mobiles as well. 

Retail banking has a sizable customer base and a sizable volume of transactions with little value. Therefore, in a setting of intense competition, it might not be cost-effective. In reality, the majority of bank branches in rural and semi-urban areas offer retail banking. Retail banking may minimize market risk in the current environment when lending to corporate clients results in credit risk and market risk.

Advantages of Retail Banking

Let us identify the numerous advantages of retail banking below:

The following are the numerous advantages of retail banking:

  • Deposits with a retail bank are secure and stable and the deposits constitute core deposits. 
  •  They are less willing to compromise for higher interest rates and are interest insensitive.
  • They provide the banks with low-cost funding.
  • Retail banking facilitates strong foundations for consumers through efficient customer relationship management.
  • Retail banking expands the banks' subsidiary business.
  • A bank's bottom line and yield are both boosted by retail banking.
  • The retail banking division is a good avenue for funds development.
  • It is presumed that consumer loans have lower risk and NPA conception. 
  • Retail banking aids in the revival and restoration of the nation's economy through amplified production activity.
  • Retail banking enhanced the quality of living and helps people accomplish aspirations by offering affordable credit services.  
  • Innovative product development credit.
  • Retail banking only requires minimum efforts in an economy driven by demand. 

Disadvantages of Retail Banking

The following are a few of the disadvantages of retail banking: 

  • It is quite expensive and time-consuming for the bank to design its own innovative financial solutions.
  • Nowadays, customers favor online banking over branch banking. The retention of clients who want to use net banking is tough for banks that take their time delivering technology-based products.
  • Customers are drawn to other financial products like mutual funds and other similar ones.
  • Banks are making significant investments in technology, yet they are unable to fully utilize it.
  • Monitoring and following up on a large volume of loan accounts is a significant drawback that forces banks to spend a lot on their human resources division.
  • Due to their lengthy payback terms, long-term loans like house loans, if not properly followed up, can possibly turn into NPAs. 
  • Another critical disadvantage of retail banking is the occurrence of cybercrime. Card skimming and other fraudulent account activity are on the rise, costing customers money as banks make every effort to make up for it.
  • Retail banking walks the line with a high chance of the banking system failing when banks have very high NPAs. 

Since ordinary consumers have smaller value transactions and different financial demands than corporations or institutions, retail banking is said to be the type of banking for them. One of the most popular banking services is retail banking because there are so many more customers in this market.



The Trip to Las Vegas: A Complete Guide

The Trip to Las Vegas: A Complete Guide

Excitement is always high whenever we plan to trip to Las Vegas, or any flight to las Vegas, with the travellers getting to know about the shows they will go to see, meals they will eat, and millions they will be winning while gambling and Las Vegas makes it easy to enjoy with your loved ones and to find fun at every turn, whether for a business trip, family vacation, honeymoon, weekend gateway, or wedding. Explore all the things there that is what you can do in Las Vegas through this article that showcases some of the fun activities, unique and great hotels, over-the-top dining experiences, and more. 

Planning your Trip to Las Vegas?

If you are keen on planning to fly to Las Vegas, then you better check out the best month to visit Las Vegas, January to April, and again from October to November.  Las Vegas weather is quite impressive. Summer is typically sweltering but also offers you tremendous discounts. December month also offers huge discounts, but note that some shows and restaurants are closed during this slow period. Vegas, while in the taxi queue, you will see up in front of every resort. The Monorail that snakes behind the hotel or resorts on the east side of the strip and stops every 15 to 20 minutes along the strip offers easy ways to jump from one alternative to another very quickly.

The Travel Tip: The Casinos are farther apart than they appear and double that distance in the summer in the heat. You should plan before setting out to the foot with plenty of water and good walking shoes.

The best weather to visit Las Vegas

The best months to visit Las Vegas, are January to April, and again from October to November. when the desert sun is more relaxed. You can easily enjoy anything in the city with your loved ones once, the hottest month of the entire year is usually July, with an average daily temperature of 41 C and an average low of 27 C, that is why January month has the best weather in Las Vegas, you can enjoy to the fullest.

When to book the flight to Las Vegas

First, you will need a flight ticket to get there. Here are some important things you need to consider while booking your airfare:

      The best time of the week: Las Vegas is the best place to visit. However, you will have a fantastic time finding cheaper airfare if you book your flight in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. For instance, book your flight on a Wednesday, then plan to leave on Sunday, and you can return on Tuesday.

      Best Airfare deals: start your search a month ahead of time, and see what options you find to have a better deal. Make sure you have booked your flight at least two weeks ahead of time, as rates increase within two weeks of the departure.

      Season: Fall and Spring will offer the most fantastic weather in Las Vegas, as summer is scorching hot and the winter nights are freezing. And you will get the best deals and enjoy the most incredible weather if you book your flight from your trip in March through May or September and then throughout November. So, avoid the higher rates in the summer and the winter holiday festivities.

      Your location: there are various recommendations that you will get when it comes to booking your flight to Las Vegas, depending on the region of the country you are staying in. for instance, if you stay in New England, you need to book the flight for at least 12 weeks ahead of time on a Tuesday. And if you are staying in the Mid-Atlantic region, your flight should be booked four to seven weeks in advance, or Tuesday or Thursday might work in your favour.

Thus, this is all about the best time to go to Las Vegas and the things to remember. Moreover, consider the abovementioned points if you need the cheapest flights. Let's move to another thing you can do while visiting Las Vegas.

Things to do In Las Vegas

The world's entertainment capital, Las Vegas, features more than 100 shows that range from magic and cirque du Soleil to comedy and resident shows from the top singers. You have fun with fast racing cars, helicopter rides, and even ziplining and jumping from 800 feet above the strip. Kids can be entertained by seeing the Tigers, dolphins, flamingos, and more and when the weather gets hot, the pools open up with everything from outrageous parties to water parks.

       Only trips can be completed by seeing a show. Top picks include the beatless love Absinthe" at Caesars Palace, a naughty vaudeville-type show that will have you laughing from front to back.

       You can check out some of the city's top attractions, such as the Neon Museum, which is dedicated to the sign of the previous, or the mob museum, an ode to all the things related to crime. Check out some of the free attractions, such as the fountains or the volcano in front of the Mirage, to complete your day, Children Friendly attractions include the springs preserved with its gardens and the fantastic interactive exhibitions, the Nevada State Museum, and the adventuresome theme park inside the circus with roller coasters, water rides, and carnival games.

       Las Vegas is also considered the jumping-off point for flights to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Zion National Park, and Bryce National Park.

However, if you need more ideas? You can check out the other activities that you can do. You can also check out the activities during the shoulder season, from September to November. You can find a lower rate to enjoy the activities in the summer when the city is at its hottest. However, you can avoid the significant holiday time and aim for the cheapest time of year to go to Las Vegas, and then you can also seek the stays that are started on Sundays when the weekend crowds dissipate.




2022 was the year of revenge travel and 2023 is expected to be a more significant year for travel as more countries are opening for tourism.  Pandemic restrictions have been dropped by many countries nearly after three years of travel break. A large number of people are now travelling internationally to experience interesting new museums and different cultural activities. We look for destinations that provide numerous reasons to visit every year.

We at Travomint, SNVA Travel Tech have put together a list of our top 7 travel destinations for 2023 to help you get both: ideas for your vacation and help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Paris, France

Paris is considered to be one of the most stunning & glamorous cities on Earth. The Eiffel tower, Notre Dame church, and the Louvre Museum are the most hyped tourist destinations. The magnificent sites of Paris are among the top things to do there. There is a very good reason why it is renowned as a must-see location. History fans will enjoy the abundance of historical structures and monuments, fashionistas will enjoy shopping in the hottest stores, gourmets will enjoy sampling the exquisite cuisine, and the list could go on and on.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland 

With its historical attractions, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and rich past, Edinburgh is regarded as one of the most attractive cities in the entire world. It has the best festival city in the world and is a centre for the literary arts, comedy, culture, elite education, and more. Edinburgh is well known for a variety of things, including its literary history, ancient cobblestone streets, and impressive architecture. Not to mention the festivals and whisky walks that are celebrated there.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The atmosphere in the Dutch capital is unarguably relaxing. You may travel to Amsterdam with the confidence that it will be one of your most memorable experiences. The city has everything, including thriving nightlife, relaxing picnic areas, and some outstanding museums. You'll have a variety of things to choose from.

  1. Ladakh, India

The most remarkable features of Ladakh are its iconic landscapes, clear skies, highest mountain passes, turquoise-coloured Pangong Lake, exhilarating adventure pursuits, Buddhist monasteries, and festivals.  April to July is the best time to visit Ladakh as the temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius during these summer months. This awe-inspiring union territory in India is renowned for its pristine beauty and exceptionally low temperatures.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii is the state for you if you enjoy going on hikes, biking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach. Hawaii is renowned for its stunning beaches with unusual colours. Here one can find beaches filled with white sand, however, the shores are covered with red, pink, green, and even black sand. This is the only U.S. state that has 2 official languages: Hawaiian and English.

  1. Cape Town

As a port city located directly on the Atlantic Ocean's shore, there are countless amazing beaches for visitors to enjoy as well as an infinite supply of delicious seafood. One of South Africa's three major cities and the headquarters of the nation's Parliament, Cape Town is a famous tourist destination. The most hyped daytime destination in Cape Town is Bo-Kaap, known for its colourful hub of history, culture, music, and flavour.        

  1. Capri, Italy

Capri is known for its spectacular Italian island which is a hub for many famous celebrities. Capri continues to rank among the most popular travel destinations in Italy thanks to its incredible attractions, sublime natural beauty, elegant towns, and high-end shopping. In Capri, evenings begin with a cocktail in Piazzetta, where locals and tourists unwind and mingle before heading to a nearby restaurant for dinner.