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Our vision is to succeed in all of our endeavors so that we may continue to deliver outstanding administration services that benefit society in the greatest ways possible.


Success is transient. We at SNVA have not yet fully settled to support our progress; therefore, our administrations continue unabated.

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SNVA Ventures has evolved into one of the best groups of companies today. Having a team of seasoned professionals and a strong customer service focus, SNVA Ventures has become the trusted partner for many businesses and individuals in Edutech, Certification, Travel, Information Technology, Staffing, System Integration, etc. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative products have transformed how people learn and access information.

SNVA Ventures, began with the goal and vision of providing online education, since then it has grown to become one of the greatest IT firms in the world. The company grew quickly after its inception, and it now operates in a variety of industries, including Travel and Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Fashion, Technology, Government, Retail, Branding and Public Relations .

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SNVA is a US-based tech company that provides innovative services and certificate training to small enterprises, clients, and government organizations. We have expanded and diversified our training programs and travel services to become a sustainable organization offering various customer services globally.

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We have partners across the globe to carry out the smooth functioning of all our operations. Our partners include ISACA, AXIOS, AXELOS, CompTIA and many more

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Here are the Tips for you if you are Planning to Quit your Job

Here are the Tips for you if you are Planning to Quit your Job 

You are done with evaluating your reasons for quitting, and have developed a future plan for your career. Leaving a job sometimes feels like the end of a relationship, you might get mixed feelings such as grief, fear, anxiety, relief and excitement. Our jobs provide us with a sense of purpose, structure and belonging that’s the reason why we experience mixed emotions while quitting. 

The process of quitting can be hard if you have spent many years at a company. You have made work besties, gone through tough times and shared some laughs. Our careers are extremely emotional parts of our lives, leaving a job can feel like you are leaving behind not just a paycheck but also a significant part of your life. If you have made your mind to quit your job and this decision of yours is not going to change. Then, you should quit in a way that does not affect your professional reputation and maintain your networks and relationships with your colleagues. Follow these steps to make a clean exit and avoid burning bridges with your current employer. 

1. Keep your boss informed 

Your boss would not like to hear the news from someone else in the department. Therefore you should keep your boss informed that you are planning to quit. Avoid unloading your anxieties about quitting on colleagues, as staff rumors may give your boss misinformation about your reason for resignation. Instead, speak only to your boss, and concisely explain your reasons for quitting.

2. Serve at least two weeks’ notice period 

A two week notice period is standard job-exit etiquette, however some of the employees serve less notice than others. It is not considered to be a professional practice as it leaves the current employer scrambling to find a replacement. Stay for at least two weeks and make sure you are leaving your current employer in a good place. 

3. Don’t brag about your new gig 

Be modest about your next professional move. Do not alienate your coworkers by bragging about your sky-high career path trajectory and stupendous new gig. Don’t say you are moving to bigger and better things, instead leave on good terms by twirling the reasons for your resignation. 

4. Continue adhering to office protocol 

Since you have worked really hard for your professional reputation, it is very crucial to leave your coworkers and boss with the right impression. Remain courteous and don’t forget to thank your boss for the opportunities he/she provided. Remain optimistic and allow any critical remarks to roll off your back. 

5. Be accountable

Don’t forget that you are accountable for your work until you walk out the door on your final day of notice period. Try to make the transition easy by passing on your responsibilities or projects that you have been assigned. 

6. Close the door with a thank-you 

Regardless of your feelings, keep maintaining the decorum of the company. Don’t play the blame game even if you are not leaving the company on good terms. Publicly praise your boss and colleagues, or write a thank-you email to them on your last day. Leaving on good terms keeps your personal brand intact. 

Objectives of Digital Marketing Internship

Objectives of Digital Marketing Internship 

To gain Insights: Internships are the gateway to learning about a variety of tools and strategies. Candidates will use cutting-edge equipment. One of the top objectives of digital marketing Internship is to engage in real-world projects that will offer you an understanding of the work that is actually done in a given field. Additionally, your goal must be to get knowledge of a variety of digital marketing vertexes, including paid advertising via SEO, SEM, SMM, BBC, and many others. You can express your creativity during an internship and learn more about yourself.

  • To Learn Social Skills

College life and the life of an employee are very different from one another. Students need a number of things to accept before they may begin working while in college. The social abilities that will help you succeed at work are the first thing you need. Students work alongside coworkers during digital marketing internships to gain insight into how the field actually operates. The target of an internship is to infuse the ability to acclimate to the workplace while doing a digital marketing internship.

  • To Gain Practical Expertise

Internships in digital marketing train you in numerous ways. You get helpful knowledge in digital marketing. You can pick up tips on managing ads, what to do if a website has to rank in a specific area, and how to handle a social media sensation.

  • Career Confidence

A single person cannot fully comprehend all of the sub-domains that make up the discipline of digital marketing. Consequently, you can sort your skills and select the ideal job path for you.  Pursuing an Internship is to determine your true area of interest. For instance, you get to choose a specialized industry among SMO, SEO, Adwords, Analytics, and Content Marketing. After the internship, you can look forward to pursuing an advanced level in the vertical you want to. 

  • To Give Your Resume More Weightage

Your CV will benefit from an internship at a reputable company, and your digital marketing resume will benefit from having that company's logo on it. Your skill in supporting your application is indicated by the label. When you do well, the same company where you are conducting your internship may offer you a job.

  • To Learn Time Management

In colleges and other educational facilities, there is no time restriction. You can go to a second performance or ask your friends about him if a lecture is skipped, but this won't happen at work. Being on time is crucial because failing to do so will negatively impact both your reputation and your pay.

  • Gain Work Conformity Knowledge 

Every day that the seniors work on their internship projects ends so does their labor. This habit didn't exist when I was a college student. Learn the habit of completing any task on time before you begin your internship. Additionally, it will have a significant impact on your office.

  • Gaining Communication Skills

There is a technique to communicate with the people you work with. How to speak to anyone, how much to talk, what to say, how many words, etc. Later, it helps the job in positive ways. You develop your communication skills as well.

We have extensively covered the essential information about Digital marketing and its objectives, starting from planning a strategic objective and plan for developing a business and how to go about pursuing a career in digital marketing reflecting upon the goals and objectives. 

Developing Objectives of Digital Marketing Plan

Developing Objectives of Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing strategy, no doubt, is beneficial for businesses. The more pressing need for businesses and online marketers is to develop accurate objectives of digital marketing plan. 

You should consider how your digital marketing goals will fit in with the larger goals of your company and your key performance indicators when developing them. The return on your investment is another important factor to take into account. This will probably involve money, but it might also involve, for instance:

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Increased website traffic

  • A bigger market share

  • More brand awareness

The objectives of digital marketing plan of your company must consist of the following tactics:

  • Digital Marketing Channels - An overview of your digital marketing mix. For example, What channels will you employ for digital marketing? 

  • Justification - It is the explanation of your decision-making process for each implementation strategy.

  • Customer Segmentation: refers to the way in which each channel will be targeted and the customers into which you will divide them.

  • Performance Measurement: This is an overview of the metrics, including key performance indicators, you'll use to gauge each channel's effectiveness.

Some of the variants of the digital marketing strategies that businesses may make use of while building their objectives of digital marketing plan-

  • Email Marketing: An efficient and affordable way to reach your audience is through email marketing.

  • SEO: Enhance your organic search traffic with search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Content Marketing: Consider your strategy for online material wisely while using content marketing.

  • PPC: A quantifiable kind of online advertising is pay-per-click and paid search marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing: provides alternatives for highly focused advertising

  • Business Website: Create a tiny business website since successful online conversions depend on it.

  • Online Shop:  Review your alternatives for selling products and services online by opening an online store 

  •  Online marketplaces: To reach new customers, several businesses sell on other websites in addition to their own.

Guide to Developing Objectives of Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing promises good fortune and a promising future for businesses of all sizes. It's crucial to prepare ahead and think strategically to make the most of it. 

The following suggestions are vital for businesses in framing their objectives of digital marketing strategy:

Build Relationships: Building relationships with your customers online will help you to promote brand loyalty and boost your bottom line. Think about including content marketing strategies in your digital marketing plan. To enhance customer service and targeting, use a customer relationship management system.

Utilize Customer Personas: Employ this method to better understand your consumers so you can select the best channels to communicate with them in a highly focused, individualized way.

SMART Objectives: Set your objectives of digital marketing strategy following the SMART campaign entailing:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable 

  • Reasonable 

  • Timely 

Businesses may also consider setting a monthly goal of 25 event registrations from your website.

Select the Appropriate Strategies: there are several digital marketing strategies you can utilize, including email marketing and social media. To choose which strategies will work best, take into account both your audience and your goals.

Measure and Optimize: Utilize web analytics to measure and improve the effectiveness of your strategies. To make improvements, tweak your campaigns and keep an eye on the outcomes.

Written Plan: The easiest method to maintain the direction of your digital marketing activities is with a defined plan. To construct your digital marketing strategy, use our printable template.